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Super education

Are you in control of your financial future?  At Statewide Super we are passionate about setting you on the right path for your best future.

Our commitment is always to you, our members. We believe it’s our responsibility to make sure you’re informed, up-to-date and ready for the future, and one of the ways we do this by offering super education, whatever your location!

Our team are passionat educators and offer a large range of information sessions to help you get the most out of your super.  Our sessions cater to different age and member demographics so there is always something for everyone.  

COVID-19 Vaccination Entry Requirements

At Statewide Super the health and wellbeing of our staff, members and wider community remains a priority. To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure, all attendees of our in-person education sessions located at our Super Hub on Victoria Square must present proof of full vaccination status, prior to entry.

How to provide proof of vaccination

We ask that you present your COVID-19 Digital Certificate on your smart device OR provide personal photo identification and printed immunisation certificates.

For assistance downloading your Digital Certificate please refer here:

 Thank you for helping us to keep our staff, members and community safe.

Online attendance 

If you live remotely, are located in a different state or would simply rather attend sessions virtually, there is still the option to do just that - simply select your preference from the options in the table, below.

More information on our education topics can be found further below

Please register for In-person or Online attendance for the session of your choice, below:

Topic Location Date Time Venue I will attend
Retirement Seminar Online
Tue 1 Feb 2022
Zoom Webinar Online

For further information on our education topics, click on the + sign below: 

  • Smart Money

    We all want to accrue more wealth, but optimising your financial situation requires a solid knowledge of core financial concepts.

    This seminar provides practical information, ideas and strategies to assist you on your journey to wealth accumulation incorporating:

    • Budgeting and cash flow
    • Goal setting
    • Debt management
    • Investment basics

    Our mission is to help you make the best financial choices so you can lead the life and retirement you want!

  • Retirement Planning

    It doesn’t matter at what stage of your life you are at, retirement is always on the horizon. Small changes you make early, can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle!

    In this session, we discuss simple steps you can take to boost your retirement savings while you’re still working, discuss proposed transition into retirement and what to consider once you retire including Government Age Pension accessibility and what recent legislative changes may mean for your super.

  • Get your super sorted

    At Statewide Super we're here to help you to achieve your financial goals and build your super balance for retirement. One of the ways we do this is through our informative Get Your Super Sorted sessions!

    Topics covered:

    • Growing your super with contributions
    • Investing for your future
    • Insurance cover options
    • Importance of beneficiary nominations
    • Accessing your super
    • Getting the right advice

    This session will provide you with the tools to help boost your super for retirement.

  • Beneficicaries

    Did you know that even if you have a current Will in place, if you haven't made a beneficiary nomination through your super fund, your super may not go to the person/s you wish!

    Thinking about who you’d like to leave your super to, should the worst happen, can be difficult. But leaving clear instructions can make it easier for your loved ones to manage this process.

    Topics covered:

    • Making a beneficiary nomination with your super fund
    • Who you can nominate as a beneficiary
    • The two types of beneficiary nominations available
    • What happens if you don't make a nomination
  • Investment choice

    Is your super invested to reflect your age, risk tolerance and objectives?

    We’re all different – with individual goals and views on risk and money management. Investing wisely now could mean a more enjoyable life in retirement.

    In this session we take you through how important it is to consider how your super is invested and understand the various investment options available at Statewide Super.

    Topics covered:

    • Investing for your future
    • 10 investment options – your super, your choice
    • What happens if you don't make an investment choice
    • Investment switching – how it works
    • Getting the right advice 
  • Insurance

    Protect you and your family against the unexpected.

    Insurance can provide financial support to protect what’s important to you if you should die or have to stop work due to illness or injury. The right level of insurance could help you and your loved ones during an extremely difficult time.

    In this session we will discuss the different types of insurance cover available, how to review and change your cover to suit your needs and the three occupation categories that determine the cost of your Statewide Super cover.

    Topics covered:

    • Insurance cover available to you

    • Benefits of insurance cover through your super

    • Reviewing and changing your cover

    • Updating your occupation category

    • Nominating a beneficiary

  • Contributions

    Not sure how or why to make additional super contributions?

    Making contributions into your super could be a great way to boost your super savings. What’s more, the sooner you start, the greater the impact could be.

    In this session, we take you through important information in relation to making contributions to your super and discover how they may be a tax effective way to save for your retirement, or even your first home.

    Topics covered:

    • Employer and self-employed contributions 
    • Salary sacrifice (pre-tax) contributions
    • Personal (after-tax) contributions

    • First home super saver scheme and downsizer contributions

    • Government co-contribution and contribution caps

    • How to make a super contribution to your fund

  • Financial Fitness for women

    At Statewide Super, our goal is to help empower you to take control of your financial future. All women are unique and with different journeys, but some of the challenges we face are similar.

    In these seminars we identify and discuss some of those challenges, and provide you with some tangible and useful strategies to deal with these challenges, whilst you are on your own journey. 

  • Financial fitness for women (FFFW) – How to ask for a pay rise

    How to ask for a pay rise

    Few things are as nerve-racking as asking for a pay rise. But doing the right research, being well-prepared and knowing your worth can make you feel more confident and set you up for success.

    Join Statewide Super Financial Planner, Shellie McPhee, and Senior People & Culture Advisor, Laura Yazbek, as provide information via an interview-style presentation so you can see first-hand how to approach the conversation with grace and poise.

  • Financial Fitness for women – Going on maternity leave

    Going on maternity leave

    If you’re thinking about starting a family – or are already pregnant, it’s a very exciting time for all involved. However, there are many different things to consider and prepare for before going on maternity leave, from how Paid Parental Leave works, to what happens to your super.

    Join Statewide Super Financial Planner, Shellie McPhee, as she helps you navigate and prepare for this very special time in your lives!

  • Financial fitness for women (FFFW) – Transition to retirement

    Transition to Retirement 

    The lead up to retirement can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. There is no better way to overcome those feelings of uncertainty then understanding your options as your transition to retirement.

    Join Statewide Super Financial Planner, Shellie McPhee, as she helps you understand how you can use your superannuation as you prepare to transition to retirement.