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Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Member Guides

Important information about your super

Important documents relating to your super can be found here, such as PDS’s and Members Guides. There’s details about everything from how super works, to how we invest your money, how super is taxed, and associated fees and insurance. Be sure to read this information before joining Statewide Super.

These files are PDF documents. If you have any trouble, try downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader. If you’d prefer, we can also send you a copy in the post free of charge.

Want to talk to someone about the changes to the fee structure? Call our friendly Member Services team on 1300 65 18 65.

Request a printed copy.

  • Definitions of important documents

    Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

    Our PDS and information booklets cover everything from how super works to associated costs and fees. All of these information booklets form part of the PDS and you should read them before deciding to join Statewide Super. 

    Statewide Super Pension (PDS)

    The latest Statewide Super Pension Product Disclosure Statement and application form can be found here. The PDS covers everything from how to invest, to details about fees and charges - so be sure to read this information before you apply.

    Statewide Super Salarylink (Member Guide)

    This Member Guide covers everything Statewide Super Salarylink members need to know about their super.  
    Please note that Salarylink has been closed to new entrants since 25 November 2009.

    CCASP and Old Benefit Members (Member Guides)

    This section contains member guides for the Corporation of the City of Adelaide Superannuation Plan (CCASP) sub-plan of Statewide Super and the Old Benefit Members guide. Discover key information about these products with these detailed guides.

Product Disclosure Statements