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Information for Members

Over the coming months we will continue to update this page with information in the lead up to Statewide Super's merger with Hostplus. Please check back regularly for the latest news and updates.

We’ll keep you informed

We will also communicate directly with our members in the lead up to the merger to explain the changes to their accounts and any actions they may need to take. This will include our pension members, and members with Salarylink accounts.

So that we can keep members fully informed of important merger information, please ensure we have your up-to-date contact details. Members can update their contact details by logging in to their secure Statewide Super Online member portal or calling us on 1300 65 18 65 (Australia wide) or 08 7915 4800 (Northern Territory).

Webinar series – your questions answered

In early 2022 we’ll hold a series of member webinars, giving them the chance to ask questions about the merger. The following topics will be covered during these sessions:

  • what the merger means for our members
  • a brief introduction to Hostplus and the services available to members
  • actions members may need to take
  • a timeline of important events
  • information for pension members
  • information about investments, insurance cover, fees and costs, and
  • specific information for Salarylink members.

All members will be invited to take part in these webinars and we'll notify them of the event's details via email, and this page, once confirmed.

If you are a member and your current email address is not attached to your Statewide Super account, you can update this via your secure Statewide Super Online member portal or by calling us on 1300 65 18 65 (Australia wide) or 08 7915 4800 (Northern Territory).


    We understand that as a member you may have a number of questions regarding the upcoming merger and what this means for you.

    Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions. We will continue to update these questions and answers in the lead up to the merger.

    Why are Statewide Super and Hostplus merging?

    Trustees of superannuation funds must act in their members’ best financial interests at all times. This includes ensuring that the fund has sufficient and tangible growth to develop and leverage scale benefits and other advantages for the benefits of members.

    One way to achieve this objective is through funds merging to pool their assets in order to further enhance member outcomes.

    Having undertaken extensive due diligence to examine all options available, the Trustees of both funds have decided that a merger is in the best financial interests of their respective members.

    When is the merger going to happen?

    Following both funds' Trustees formally agreeing to proceed to merger, which took place in mid-December, the funds will look to complete the merger on or soon after 1 April 2022.

    How will the merger benefit members? 

    The Statewide Super and Hostplus merger will create an opportunity for greater scale and cost efficiencies, which both funds believe will result in enhanced member choices, services and outcomes.
    Members are expected to benefit from more competitive administration fees, and efficiencies in operating costs over time.
    There’s also benefits expected from an expanded product range available with Hostplus. Hostplus offers a range of products that we at Statewide Super have not yet developed. This includes their popular and multi-awarded very low-fee Indexed Balanced option; Choiceplus, its direct investment option for members who want a more active role in the investment and management of their super or pension; and Self-Managed Invest, an option into which Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investors can access unique assets generally inaccessible to retail and SMSF investors, all while offering listed market-like liquidity on assets.

    Will I continue to have access to local support?

    Yes. As part of the merger agreement, all local jobs in Adelaide and Darwin will be preserved.

    This will allow us to retain our unwavering commitment to South Australia and the Northern Territory, and continue to provide our excellent local member services, including the Statewide Super Hub in Victoria Square and the office in Darwin.

    How will the change directly affect me?

    As part of the merger, the balance from your Statewide Super account(s) will be automatically transferred to Hostplus and you will therefore become a member of Hostplus from the merger date.

    In deciding to merge, both Statewide Super and Hostplus carried out significant due diligence to ensure this merger would deliver all members with equivalent (but not necessarily identical) outcomes as a result of the merger.
    Statewide Super members will continue to enjoy similar products and services with Hostplus.

    Is there anything I need to do?

    No, there’s nothing you need to do at this point in time.

    All members will be provided with comprehensive communications and invited to take part in online webinars in the lead up to the merger in early April 2022. These will include an overview of the merger, how it may impact you and any actions you may be required to take.

    When the merger (known as a "Successor Fund Transfer") occurs, the balance from your Statewide Super account(s) will be automatically transferred to Hostplus. It will be invested in the option(s) that most closely matches your current Statewide Super investment option(s) in terms of investment strategy, objective and risk. You will be informed about how Statewide Super investment options are matched with the nearest Hostplus equivalent option in upcoming communications. 

    Will I be provided any further information ahead of the merger?

    Yes, in the lead up to the merger, we will send you a comprehensive document called a Significant Event Notice (SEN). This will provide you with further information and details about the impact of the merger on you.


    Below you can view recent communications sent to members in regards to the April 2022 merger. 


    Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. 

    The information provided may contain general advice which does not consider your specific objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision about Statewide Super, you should consider the appropriateness of this general advice with regard to your personal circumstances, You may also wish to obtain independent financial advice.

    Statewide Superannuation Pty Ltd ABN 62 008 099 223 (AFSL 243171) Trustee and RSE Licensee of Statewide Superannuation Trust ABN 54 145 196 298 (“Statewide Super”). In deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold a Statewide Super product, please consider the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination available at or by calling 1300 65 18 65.