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Key information for NTGPASS members

Investment Transfer

Your accumulation balance held with the NTGPASS was calculated as at 7 May 2019. This amount was the opening value of your accumulation account with Statewide Super.

If your account balance was invested in Aggressive, Cautious, Conservative or Managed Cash with NTGPASS, we required your written confirmation to invest your transferred balance and future contributions into the comparable Statewide Super option(s). If you were invested in Assertive or Growth or failed to return your investment confirmation form then you would have been invested in Statewide Super's MySuper option. 

Full information on the investment options available with Statewide Super can be found in the ‘How we invest your money’ booklet.

Insurance Benefits

As a NTGPASS member, you are entitled to a Death and Invalidity benefit which ceases at age 60. For more information on this benefit, please contact the Northern Territory Superannuation Office or go to the website at

Due to this entitlement, you were not provided with any automatic insurance cover on transferring to Statewide Super. 

We recommend that you obtain independent advice as to whether the level of Death and Invalidity cover you may have available to you through NTGPASS is sufficient for you and/or your family’s needs or if you require additional insurance with Statewide Super.

Automatic Insurance Cover

It is important for you to be aware that you may automatically receive default Death, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) and/or Income Protection (IP) cover from Statewide Super, (Automatic Cover), when:

  • you turn 60 years of age; or
  • you leave your employment with the NTG and we receive an employer contribution from your new employer; or
  • you remain employed with NTG and we receive an employer contribution from another non NTG employer, and
  • you have not previously been provided with default cover through Statewide Super; and
  • you have not been (and are not eligible to be) paid a total and permanent disability benefit or terminal illness lump sum benefit from any source.

If you are provided with Automatic Cover, you can cancel this at any time by completing a ‘Reduce or cancel insurance’ form or via your secure Statewide Super Online portal. 

If you were already aged 60 or over on 8 May 2019, you did not receive automatic cover but you are able to apply for cover and undergo the underwriting process by the insurer if you require any level of insurance cover.

Need more cover?
If you are not entitled to Automatic Cover, you can still apply for insurance cover through Statewide Super. Your application will require you to undergo an underwriting process, which means that our insurer will ask you for detailed information about your personal circumstances before assessing your application. Our insurer will then determine the level and cost of cover available to you. 

If you wish to apply for Death, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) and/or Income Protection (IP) insurance to protect you and/or your family, you can apply by logging into your secure Statewide Super Online account via our website and going to the Insurance tab.

For more information about our insurance offerings, please read our ‘Insurance in your super’ booklet.

Want to know more?

The Statewide Super Welcome Letter you received provides you with further details regarding your superannuation benefits in Statewide Super, together with information on the investment and insurance options available to you. 

Any questions relating to your defined benefit within NTGPASS should be directed to the NT Superannuation Office on 08 8901 4200 or 1800 631 631, or via email at 

If you have a question relating to your accumulation account, please call Statewide Super on 08 7915 4800 or via email at

Feel free to login to your secure Statewide Super Online account to view your account balance. You will also receive an annual benefit statement effective 30 June each year that includes your benefit details, transactions and contributions paid.