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Responsible investing

Your super matters to us

We work hard to ensure we will always be a sustainable super fund, because it’s our responsibility to protect and maximise your retirement savings. That’s why we take into account the things that could potentially affect the value and security of your retirement savings.

This is done by:

Networks and Associations

Statewide Super is a proud member of the following organisations:

UNPRI Transparency Report

Industry Recognition

But don’t just take our word for it. The independent super ratings agency SuperRatings awarded Statewide Super with its ‘Infinity’ recognition in 2021 – acknowledging us as a leader in sustainable superannuation.

Active Ownership

As owners of shares in companies, super funds have a responsibility to participate in company voting opportunities. Resolutions are often about matters such as election of Board Directors, executive remuneration and other corporate governance matters. Most of Statewide Super’s investments are held with external investment managers who vote on behalf of Statewide Super in accordance with their own policies.

Statewide Super reviews its investment managers’ voting policies to ensure that they’re in alignment with our own ESG and Proxy Voting Policy and we also receive reports from each investment manager on an annual basis. The table shown below is a summary of the voting conducted by Statewide Super’s investment managers on its behalf.

Proxy Voting Activity

12 months ending Voted* Votes For Against Abstain Withhold Other No Vote Total available
31 December 2020 99.0% 21,293 19,079 1,608 281 83 242 224 21,517
30 June 2021 98.9% 26,259 23,396 1,928 422 359 154 292 26,551

*The percentage of the votes cast against those that could be cast across all of Statewide Super's investment managers.

Where votes are not cast this is typically due to difficulties encountered in voting in emerging markets, share blocking or operational issues.