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Financial advice

You’re in good hands with Statewide Super

When it comes to making the most of your super, having a trusted and experienced financial adviser by your side can be the best investment you’ll make.

Statewide Super’s specialist advice team are retirement experts. They’re passionate about providing you with effective advice so you can make the most of your financial future.


Advice for every life stage

We know that as life changes, so do your financial goals and priorities.

Sometimes you may want general guidance. Other times you may need in-depth advice tailored specifically to your retirement goals.

That’s why we offer a range of flexible advice options so you get exactly the type of advice you’re looking for. We can even help you with non-super related finance matters, including the use of managed funds, margin loans, education plans and protecting your family/wealth.

What types of advice are offered?

We like to think we can help you no matter what you need, and offer three levels of advice:

  • General
  • Member Advice
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning.


With this option, we provide factual information and general advice about your super:

  • Over the phone simply by calling 1300 65 18 65;
  • In person, at our office in Adelaide at 211 Victoria Square.

Member Advisers

Our specialist team provide personalised advice over the phone, in person and in your workplace about:

  • Statewide Super investment options
  • Statewide Super insurance cover
  • Contributing to your Statewide Super account.

Statewide Super Financial Planning

Statewide Super’s specialist in-house and Accredited Financial Planners provide advice on all aspects of your finances, with a focus on helping you (and your partner) define and achieve personal goals at any stage of your life. They offer:

  • An initial, no-obligation fact finding appointment; and
  • Professional, personal advice on super-related and non-super-related topics.

And because we’re Statewide Super, we’re state-wide. So even if you can’t get into the city, our network of accredited financial specialists across the State makes it easy for you to get advice that’s close and convenient to you.

Find the most convenient adviser for you.

If you’d prefer to use one of our Statewide Super Planners, and aren’t close to our Member Centre, we can arrange a phone or Skype appointment.

No matter your advice needs, we’ve got you covered

These pages can help you understand how we can work with you to achieve your goals:

Make an appointment with one of our team by contacting us on 1300 65 18 65, booking online, or emailing us at