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Employee super education

We’re here to help you and your employees 

At Statewide Super we offer a range of information sessions to help your employees get the most out of their super.

Best of all we can hold a super session in your workplace – making them time-effective and convenient for your entire team. Or if you're short on space, we'd love to host your team at our Super Hub on the corner of Victoria Square and Grote Street, Adelaide. With a seminar space for up to 30 people, it's ideal for getting your team out of the office and help prepare them for their best financial future.

Customise your team's super session!

As a Statewide Super employer, we'll work with you to tailor a super session of your choice to the age, demographics and interests of your employees. This allows them to hear information that is relevant to them and will increase their engagement and interest in super and financial strategies.

Topics can include:
General information sessions Such as: How does superannuation work, Grow your super, The types of investment options available to you, Getting the right advice or Accessing your super to name just a few.
Financial Fitness for women Women's financial needs for now and the future can be unique and complicated. Learn how to be financially fit as a woman, including tips, strategies and secrets to building a bright financial future. 
Investment 101 If you’ve got super, it’s highly likely that your money has exposure to the share market. This session will provide an update on the current market trends, to help you better understand how your super works.
Smart Money Statewide Super’s Smart Money session provides practical information, ideas and strategies to assist you on your journey to wealth accumulation. Budgeting and cash flow, goal setting, debt management and investment basics will be covered in detail.
Retirement planning Our Retirement Planning session will provide an outline of many of the personal and financial considerations when preparing for retirement and how receiving personal advice can help you navigate through potential barriers to ensure you are on track to achieve your retirement goals.
Super Health Check This session covers all the basics and is a great entry into superannuation if you want to know more! It will help you understand how your super works, how to grow your super, the different types of investment options available to you, if you have an appropriate level of insurance cover and so much more.

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