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Flexible insurance arrangements

Insurance - affordable and flexible

Statewide Super believes that a member's most important asset is their life.

We view insurance as an important part of the service offering to our members and we offer a number of insurance products at competitive rates to ensure your staff are covered should they suffer from serious injury or illness, or upon their death.

Statewide Super offers the following three insurance options:

  • Death insurance (including Terminal Illness)
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance
  • Income protection insurance

and we offer four occupation categories which impact the insurance premiums for your employees:

  • Occupation Unknown
  • Active
  • White Collar
  • Professional

When your employees are first provided with insurance cover, they will automatically be provided insurance within our Occupation Unknown category. However, they may be eligible to receive cover at a reduced cost if their occupation falls within the White Collar or Professional occupation categories (subject to approval by the insurer).

Read further to understand the eligibility criteria to ensure your employees have the appropriate cover and are insured under the correct insurance category for their individual circumstances.