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QuickSuper updates

The QuickSuper clearing house software undergoes upgrades and enhancements from time to time, to make your payroll process simpler than ever before. This page will keep you fully informed of these changes in the lead up to implementation.

After some helpful tips on using QuickSuper? Download our QuickSuper FAQs at any time.

  • Direct Debit Employers - June 2020

    The QuickSuper service is owned and operated by Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (“Westpac”) and is used by Statewide Super to allow its employers a simple method to pay their superannuation contributions, at no additional cost.

    Westpac is making some changes to QuickSuper which are reflected in the updated QuickSuper Product Disclosure Statement and the QuickSuper Employer Terms and Conditions that were published in QuickSuper on 1 May 2020.  

    Employers may now be required to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) check if they continue to use direct debit as a method of payment.

    The employers impacted by this change have been contacted via email by Statewide Super and can also expect a QuickSuper notification.  Those who receive this notification will need to select one of the following two options to continue using QuickSuper:

    A)     Switch your payment method to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or
    B)     Continue with Direct Debit and agree for Westpac to undertake a KYC check

    If an election is not made within 7 days of receiving the QuickSuper notification, a follow up call can be expected from Westpac to discuss next steps.

    Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements

    Westpac is making changes to ensure they are adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) industry best practice.
    When logged into QuickSuper, the user will be redirected to a Westpac website to enter required KYC information.

    KYC requirements are ongoing for as long as you choose to pay via Direct Debit. So, you may need to supply additional KYC information in the future.
    KYC requirements differ depending on the structure of the employer’s company (eg. Pty LTD / Individual / Sole Trader).

    The information required may include:

    -  Registration details with ASIC
    -  Tax Identification Number; and/or
    -  Photo ID of owners or partners

    It is critical that your QuickSuper Client ID (eg. SW12345) and ABN (eg. 12345123451) are entered correctly when entering your KYC information so that Westpac can link back to your QuickSuper client facility.


    These new requirements are a Westpac initiative and as such, support is being provided directly by Westpac.When completing the KYC requirements, details of the dedicated Westpac call centre (available 9am – 5pm AET, Monday – Friday) will be viewable online.

  • Security upgrade | November 2019

    In order to increase security and comply with the ATO's Operational Framework in relation to the submission of super contributions, QuickSuper will be adding multi-factor authentication to their software.

    From November 2019 QuickSuper users will start to be migrated to the Multi-Factor Authentication model. At this time you will be prompted to confirm your details and select your preferred Multi-Factor Authentication approach, which can be customised on a per user basis.

    We encourage you to ensure your user details are up to date in readiness for this release.

    Please also be reminded that BPAY is no longer a supported payment method for employer super contributions.