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Workplace wellbeing

Creating a happy and healthy workplace has never been easier

SuperFriend is a national mental health promotion foundation dedicated to promoting and supporting improved mental health and wellbeing for Australian workers.

How can SuperFriend transform your workplace?

Staff mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace is crucial to running a successful business.

Statewide Super has partnered with national mental health foundation SuperFriend to provide complimentary workplace assessments, programs, resources and services to businesses and organisations like yours. Services include:

  • Complimentary program called Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter, designed to assess your organisation’s current activities and capacity to support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees. Based on the results of this assessment, a range of tips and advice can be provided to optimise your employee’s wellbeing in the workplace
  • Access to the SuperFriend Resources Library designed to assist employers on their journey to creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Ongoing communication via email and social media exploring the latest tips and advice around workplace.

To learn more about SuperFriend and their services, please complete the form below.