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Webinars & Seminars

At Statewide Super we believe it's our responsibility to make sure you and your employees are informed, up-to-date and ready for the future.

Our team are passionate educators and can offer a large range of information sessions to help your employees get the most out of their super.

As an organisation we evaluated our response in relation to COVID-19 and placed all of our scheduled education seminars on hold, mindful of the risks associated in bringing large groups of people together. This gave us the opportunity to create our education seminars entirely virtually, allowing us to reach more of our employers and members more conveniently and in remote localities.  

Many of our seminars are presently hosted as Zoom Webinars by our team of Relationship Managers, who are able to provide you with valuable information to help you and your staff make informed decisions about superannuation and retirement.

Please refer below for upcoming Webinars available at your convenience:

  • Get Your Super Sorted

    At Statewide Super we're here to help you to achieve your financial goals and build your super balance for retirement. One of the ways we do this is through our informative Get Your Super Sorted sessions!

    Get Your Super Sorted covers the following topics:

    • Growing your super with contributions
    • Investing for your future
    • Insurance cover options
    • Importance of beneficiary nominations
    • Accessing your super
    • Getting the right advice

    This session will provide you with the tools to help boost your super for retirement.

Topic Location Date Time Venue