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Employer intranet assets

Make Statewide Super part of your workplace intranet

Statewide Super can help you make super simpler with our handy intranet assets.

We know there’s a good chance your employees regularly ask you super-related questions. By directing them to us, we can save you time and have their questions answered quickly.

Add a Statewide Super tile or contact details to your workplace Intranet so employees can easily access our details and have their questions answered in no time.

A range of tile designs with various messages are available for download. Simply save and display them with the relevant link.

Use the assets in three easy steps

  1. Select the Intranet tiles you like below (right click) and save them to your computer
  2. Send the tiles to your IT team for upload (the tiles can be resized if required) together with the relevant link; and
  3. Tell your employees they can access Statewide Super information via your workplace Intranet.

Suggested links

Provide members with links to general contact information and the member login portal, as well as learning resources to help build their wealth and knowledge on super.

  1. General contact
  2. Why join Statewide Super
  3. Member portal
  4. Learning Centre
  5. Your Super Life blog