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Employee super education

We're here to help you and your employees

At Statewide Super our team are passionate educators and can offer a large range of information sessions to help your employees get the most out of their super. These sessions can be held at your workplace for your convenience.

In expanding our ability to reach more of our employers and memers more conveniently and in remote localities, we can bring a range of online education sessions to you! No matter how large or small your group, this can make our sessions time-effective and convenient.

To help you to help your staff get the most out of their super, we can:

  • tailor sessions to the age, demographic and interests of your employees
  • customise a session for your executive or management team
  • host one-on-one financial advice sessions for staff unable to attend the office

If you're short on space, we'd love to host your team at our Super Hub on the corner of Victoria Square and Grote Street, Adelaide once COVID-19 restrictions allow. With a seminar space for up to 30 people, it's ideal for getting your team out of the office and prepare them for their best financial future.

To learn more about the business benefits of a workplace visit read our Employee Super Education booklet.

Why not customise your team's super session?

We can tailor a session to the age, demographic and interests of your employees. This will allow them to hear information that is relevant to them and may help them maximise their retirement savings. We know the more relevant the content the more engaged your team will be. We can also customise a session for your executive/management team. 

View the list of topics available within our Presentation Library below where you can also advise us if you would like to have a session customised for your team:

View the list of topics available in our Presentation Library