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Looking for a local adviser?

Our adviser network gives you choice, flexibility and convenience  

We know that where you live can be a barrier to receiving financial advice. Travelling into the heart of Adelaide or Darwin to see a Statewide Super financial planner may be impossible, cumbersome or difficult for some, especially those living in rural or remote locations.

As a super fund dedicated to your financial wellbeing, we want to minimise any obstacles that may inhibit your ability to best manage your money. That’s why we have teamed up with other financial planners to bring advice services to you!

The same expert advice, nice and close to you

Our network of financial planning partners can provide you with the same level of expert advice about your Statewide Super account and other non-super related topics.

And don’t worry – if the advice relates to your Statewide Super account, with your consent, fees can be paid from your super balance, so you’re not out of pocket.

Find a planner in your local area

If you’re thinking about financial advice, and can’t travel into our Adelaide or Darwin offices to see our Statewide Super financial planners, we can provide you with a range of other financial planning services in your local area. Simply complete this appointment form and under Appointment Location Preference, select I would like to find a planner close to me. You also have the option to book an appointment online.

If you’re located in the NT, and would rather speak to our team directly, please contact them on (08) 7915 4800 who can support you to find a planner.

If you would prefer to use one of our Statewide Super planners, but aren’t close to our offices, we can also arrange an appointment by phone or preferred video conference communication.