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How we can help

Simple, convenient and your first appointment is provided at no additional cost

If you’re looking for individual financial advice tailored to your needs and goals, our Financial Planners are the super specialists. They can even help you with financial advice on insurance and wealth management.

The first appointment is provided at no additional cost

Your initial meeting with one of our Financial Planners starts the ball rolling. This session is all about you! We suggest you allow 1-1.5 hours for this meeting and bring along details of your current situation (including a payslip, outstanding loan amounts and other assets you may own).

This helps us use the time well and allows the Planner to better understand what is important for you – both now and in the future.

While you won’t receive any personal advice in this meeting, it comes at no additional cost to you. There is no obligation to continue past this appointment to receiving personal advice, if you want to go away and think about putting anything into place.

However, if you are keen to continue with the advice process, your Planner will explain what they will consider and include in your advice. You will also both agree on the fee for these services, which can range from $1,100 - $5,000, and in most cases some of that fee may be paid for from your super account. Finally, you’ll arrange another time to go through the advice together.  

What happens next?

Once you’ve agreed on the way forward, your Planner will spend time considering your current situation to weigh up what they need to do in order to put you in a better financial position. Planners across Australia, including our own, are legally obliged to act in your best interest, which means they need to demonstrate why they are providing you with the advice they are, and how this is improving your financial situation.

This process can take several weeks unless there is an urgent need for the timeframe to be condensed.

What do I get?

Personalised Financial Advice must be provided to you in writing. Planners will set out their recommendations in a simple, logical Statement of Advice (SOA). This will outline the key steps required to move forward and, where relevant, will provide you with insights into how much your assets are likely to build up to and/or how long your funds will last in retirement.

Our Planners will spend time with you to ensure you understand their recommendations and can help you put those plans in place.

Ready to get started?

There’s no time like the present to take control of your finances. Make an appointment with one of our Financial Planners today by calling 1300 65 18 65 (Australia wide), 08 7915 4800 (NT) or book an appointment online.

Financial advice close to you

We also have a network of experienced, Statewide Super Associated Financial Advisers located throughout metropolitan Adelaide and in some regional cities, so expert advice is probably closer than you think.

By completing the form on our Make an appointment with a Financial Planner page, simply ensure you enter your postcode and select the option suitable for you under Appointment location preference and we will ensure you are connected with a Planner that is close to you!

(Please note: The service provided by Associated Planners (and their associated fees) are at the discretion of each Financial Planning practice and must be negotiated independently of Statewide Super). 

  • Important information

    Statewide Super holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) that allows it to provide general and personal financial advice. Statewide Super Financial Planners are employees and Authorised Representatives of Statewide Super, who is responsible for any advice given to you by them.

    Statewide Super also has an associated network of financial advisers ('Associated Advisers') based locally and regionally. Advice provided to you by these Associated Advisers will be provided under the AFSL held by a third party. That third party is responsible for the financial advice given to you by an Associated Adviser.

    For further information and a copy of the applicable Statewide Super Financial Services Guide (FSG), visit or call 1300 65 18 65. A copy of the relevant FSG for an Associated Adviser can be obtained by contacting the Associated Adviser directly.