Lost super

Lost superIf you’ve had more than one job, chances are you’ve got more than one super fund. That means you could be paying fees for accounts that you don’t even know you have!

Finding your lost super and getting it sorted can help your super grow faster and make a big difference to your final retirement benefit.

Find your lost super

To find out if you have lost super, visit SuperSeeker on the ATO website. You’ll need your tax file number to search. Or simply contact us and we’ll search for you! Use the secure online form below to give us your TFN and permission to search and we’ll do the rest.

Once your lost super is found, we can help you consolidate it by rolling it into your Statewide account.

Besides lost super, we can also look for other super accounts that you may have but didn’t know about, either from changing jobs or just because you’ve forgotten. The ATO online facility allows us to look for you and once your other accounts have been found, we’ll contact you and ask you if you want us to consolidate them.


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Keep in touch

We don’t want to lose you! If you change your address, let us know so we can stay in touch. You can update your details by logging in to Statewide.On.Line or completing a Change of details form.



Need help?

Contact our friendly Client Services team on 1300 65 18 65 and we’ll track down your lost super for you.

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